The Spectrum Repack Is Here!

Update March 15:

  • As of March 13, Phase 8 of the spectrum repack has been completed. Phase 9 is now under way. See the Maintenance History page for changed to monitored channels as a result of Phase 8 and in anticipation of Phase 9.
  • On March 13 KKPX moved  from RF 41 to RF 33. KKPX RF 33 reception is severely impaired at the monitor site in Mountain View. If any South Bay viewers are receiving KKPX well, please contact us.
  • On March 9 KTVU, KPJK and KCNS/KTNC/KEMO shut down their pre-repack transmitters. KTVU has moved from RF 44 to RF 31, KPJK from RF 43 to RF 27, and KCNS/KTNC/KEMO from RF 39 to RF 32.
  • On March 5 KTVU, KPJK and KCNS/KTNC/KEMO began transmitting on their repack frequencies (in addition to their pre-repack frequencies). KTVU is broadcasting on RF 31 (in addition to 44), KPJK on RF 27 (in addition to 43), and KCNS/KTNC/KEMO on RF 32 (in addition to 39).

The spectrum repack reduces the frequences which are used for over-the-air television so they can be used for other services such as 5G wireless. As a result many stations will begin transmitting on a different frequency. In some cases they may also transmit from a new location. This is a nationwide change that is being conducted in phases – The San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose area is in Phase 9, with a few stations in Phase 8.

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Maintenance History

  • 20200315 – KKPXDT and KTVUDT are now monitored on their repack’d frequencies. Monitoring of RF 44 (pre-repack KTVUDT) and RF 41 (pre-repack KKPX) have been discontinued although historical data remains available.

    Note that KKPX reception is severely impaired at the monitor site on its repack’d RF 33 frequency. An auxiliary system in Santa Clara is showing the same. If any viewers in the South Bay are receiving KKPX 65-1 well, please contact us.

    The following new channels are monitored in anticipation of Phase 9 stations lighting up: RF 13 (repack’d KNTV), RF 21 (repack’d KCNZ/KOFY/KMTP/KEMO), RF 22 (repack’d KTLN) .

  • 20200208 18:00 – 00:30 – Maintenance – hardware upgrade.

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