ATSC Broadcast Monitors

This system provides 24/7 continuous monitoring and analysis of select broadcasts. The set of monitored broadcasts is constrained by the number of tuners/demodulators in the system and by how well broadcasts are received. In general broadcasts originating from Sutro Tower, San Bruno Mountain, Mount Allison, and Monument Peak are received well at the monitor site in Mountain View, CA.

For more information regarding the monitoring system and the data it provides please see the About pages.

If you would like to have a broadcast added or have suggestions for improving the system drop us a note via the contact page or email.

Spectrum Repack Complete

The spectrum repack reduced the frequencies used for over-the-air television to channels 2 – 36 to make room for other services such as 5G wireless. As a result of the repack stations broadcasting on channels above 36 moved to lower frequencies. Some stations that were broadcasting at channel 36 or below also moved broadcast frequencies, and some stations ceased operation.

Read on for the timeline for the SF Bay Area repack and additional information regarding the repack.


Maintenance History

  • 20210321 – RF 19 (KSTS) has been added to the Fremont feed.
  • 20210321 00:30 – 02:00 – Maintenance – hardware upgrade.
  • 20200728 – RF 34 (KFSF, KDTV) has been added on the Sutro Tower feed.
  • 20200728 – RF 20 (KDTV,KTSF) monitoring has been discontinued due to poor reception.
  • 20200703 – RF 20 (KDTV, KTSF) has been added on the Fremont feed. RF 42 (KTLN) has been discontinued as KTLN is now operating on RF 22 and the RF 42 transmitter has been shut down. Historical data for RF 42 remains available.
  • 20200625 – The Internet-facing servers have been upgraded. Please report any issues with accessing SFBayATSC.
  • 20200410 – KKPXDT has been moved to an in-attic CM4228-HD to improve reception. All other Sutro/Mt. San Bruno channels remain on a rooftop CM4228-HD.