ATSC Broadcast Monitors

This system provides 24/7 continuous monitoring and analysis of select broadcasts. The set of monitored broadcasts is constrained by the number of tuners/demodulators in the system and by how well broadcasts are received. In general broadcasts originating from Sutro Tower, San Bruno Mountain, Mount Allison, and Monument Peak are received well at the monitor site in Mountain View, CA.

For more information regarding the monitoring system and the data it provides please see the About pages.

If you would like to have a broadcast added or have suggestions for improving the system drop us a note via the contact page or email.

The Spectrum Repack Is Here!

Update July 25:

  • The spectrum repack is complete and all channels should now be broadcasting on their new frequencies.
  • KTLN lit up RF 22 for 68.1 , 68.2, and 1.2 on June 30. These stations will stop transmitting on RF 42 on July 3.
  • As of April 29 Phase 9 of the spectrum repack has been completed. This completes the majority of the moves for the SF Bay Area. There are still a few stations that will be moving, such as KTLN from RF 42 to RF 22, as part of Phase 10.Among the changes that were a  part of Phase 9, KGO moved from RF 7 to RF 12, KRON moved from RF 38 to RF 7, KNTV moved from RF 12 to RF 13, KBCW moved from RF 45 to RF 28, and KCNZ moved from RF 28 to RF 21. Please see Larry Kenney’s lists for a full accounting of the stations impacted by the repack. Note that stations are working through unexpected issues such as co-channel interference.  KDTV in Santa Rosa is interfering with KCNZ from Sutro Tower, for example. If you are experiencing reception issues please contact the station to ensure they area aware of the problem.
  • On March 13 KKPX moved  from RF 41 to RF 33. KKPX RF 33 reception is severely impaired at the monitor site in Mountain View.
  • On March 9 KTVU, KPJK and KCNS/KTNC/KEMO shut down their pre-repack transmitters. KTVU has moved from RF 44 to RF 31, KPJK from RF 43 to RF 27, and KCNS/KTNC/KEMO from RF 39 to RF 32.
  • On March 5 KTVU, KPJK and KCNS/KTNC/KEMO began transmitting on their repack frequencies (in addition to their pre-repack frequencies). KTVU is broadcasting on RF 31 (in addition to 44), KPJK on RF 27 (in addition to 43), and KCNS/KTNC/KEMO on RF 32 (in addition to 39).

The spectrum repack reduces the frequences which are used for over-the-air television so they can be used for other services such as 5G wireless. As a result many stations will begin transmitting on a different frequency. In some cases they may also transmit from a new location. This is a nationwide change that is being conducted in phases – The San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose area is in Phase 9, with a few stations in Phase 8.


Maintenance History

  • 29299728 – RF 34 (KFSF, KDTV) has been added on the Sutro Tower feed.
  • 20200728 – RF 20 (KDTV,KTSF) monitoring has been discontinued due to poor reception.
  • 20200703 – RF 20 (KDTV, KTSF) has been added on the Fremont feed. RF 42 (KTLN) has been discontinued as KTLN is now operating on RF 22 and the RF 42 transmitter has been shut down. Historical data for RF 42 remains available.
  • 20200625 – The Internet-facing servers have been upgraded. Please report any issues with accessing SFBayATSC.
  • 20200410 – KKPXDT has been moved to an in-attic CM4228-HD to improve reception. All other Sutro/Mt. San Bruno channels remain on a rooftop CM4228-HD.